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Search: operadancefilm channel. Includes images from my performances and also includes my piano accompaniment in some of the videos! All choreography, images, dancing and films were produced by me on that channel.

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Testimonial Page...comments from parents and children

(Taken from my new Children's blog: Kira Seamon's Kaleidoscope!)
These are some of the comments received during my children's pedagogy:

I have been exceedingly fortunate to have been well received by children and their parents! It is always enjoyable when they make the extra effort to communicate how they felt about the class, birthday party or workshop and their feedback is important to me. Here is a sampling of the some of the many postive comments I've received:
*"I loved your 1-Woman performance at Border's Bookstore in Back Bay, Boston! Thank you for including my daughter in the participatory section at the end of the performance. Can we set up private dance lessons for my daughter and her friends?" -Parent after my performance in Borders Bookstore Back Bay, Boston.
* "I'm getting RIDICULOUSLY good footage...Unbelievable."-Parent comment to me when I asked during their child's dance birthday party, if they are getting good footage of the dance sequences on their video camera.
*"My child LOVES you and talks about your Theme Workshops constantly at home!"-Parent comment to me during a conversation where the parent mentioned that the child would like me, specifically, to lead her dance birthday party.
*"Thank you for being patient with her. She is starting to come out of her shell!"-Parent comment to me during a conversation about her daughter. (an extremely shy girl who used to be non-participatory in my creative movement classes. I gently coaxed her to participate and encouraged any sign of involement. Eventually, months later, she grew to initiate ideas and became a leader of the group.)
*"Thank you for such a lovely class!"-Frequently commented by many parents
*"WHERE ELSE DO YOU TEACH??? WHERE ELSE DO YOU TEACH????"-the most frequent comment to me. Parents frequently asked where else they could enroll their child to be taught by me further.
*"Would you consider private teaching of my child?"-Another frequent comment. Mostly from parents who noticed a dramatic improvement in their child's openness to participate and their improved motor skills...One girl had a habit of falling down almost constantly on every movement. After a few months, this girl hardly fell once during the entire class.
*"YOU MADE MY DAY!!"-Comment from a participant in the Mass Dance Festival Workshop I lead at the UMASS Amherst location. She mentioned that though she enjoyed the other workshops she took that day, mine was the only one who "made her day" and made her long commute to the Workshop venue worthwhile. She and her Mom repeated this sentiment to a member of the Mass Dance Festival Commitee.
*"You couldn't have chosen a more perfect lesson plan for us!"-comment by the 1st grade teacher who I was visiting during Cambridge's Dance in the Schools Month. I lead his 1st grade class through dance sequences relating specifically to the topic they were studying.

These are representative comments showing the feedback I receive from children and their parents. Additional feedback I have received generally falls under one or another comment shown above.


Dear National and International Viewers,
Thank you for viewing this blog! I have just created an amazing, new Children's Blog that I think you will enjoy very much. For the first time, you can view all my children's products in one place! Don't forget to read the testimonials page covering parent's and children's amazing feedback to me about the classes, birthday parties and dance workshops I've lead.

Check it out!

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NEW Children's Book!

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This is my awesome new children's book about mushrooms.