Thursday, November 17, 2011


Hello everybody! I have hit the 125,000 pageview mark!

This includes all my videos, blogs, photographs and everything else that is countable on the web!

I know MANY people have much more than this...hundreds of thousands, if not millions of views.

HOWEVER, I am very satisfied with this number-I think it is incredible!

I believe it is a confirmation of my high artistic quality, where I strive to exceed expectations at all times!! Thank you for viewing and keep those numbers coming!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

AMAZING Photo Slideshow!

Don't forget to check out the AMAZING Slideshows on my website:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is a Thanksgiving Turkey slideshow and numerous dance photo and book cover slideshows!

TAKE A MINI-VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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HERE a Turkey, THERE a Turkey

I shared my turkey photos on the WEATHER CHANNEL by uploading them to my profile...Have you seen this? Check out my turkey!! (Outdoors and Wildlife)

Here is the full picture of this awesome turkey:

Look what else posted:

Did you recognize my handsome turkey in the upper left corner?

New TURKEY book!!!

Check out my latest and greatest: A GORGEOUS turkey book! (Search: Kira Seamon or dancerpics)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

And then there is LUCK!!

Can you believe that only 3 days after being asked to perform a Thanksgiving Concert at Traditions, I saw these beautiful wild turkeys in the parking lot next to where my car was parked? Could there be anything more appropriate for a Thanksgiving concert? How lucky was that? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
I was asked to perform at Traditions and even though I am already booked through 2016, I decided that I will perform my concert there on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving! It is always an honor to perform at Traditions and I believe that it will be a fun way for everyone to get in the Holiday Spirit!

It will also be the debut of my latest 1-WOMAN concert format! You may remember that I performed my first 1-WOMAN concert there, which combined my award-winning piano performance with my own choreography and dancing...
Always keeping on the cutting edge of emerging trends, I will present my unique version of the hot new trend of mixing media in performing arts concerts, creating a multi-media presentation. As usual, I am bringing my own flair to this concert and in an artistic tour de force, I am providing both the performing art content and the visual art. Most performing artists outsource the visual art component to other people, providing just the movement part of the concert.
I am "keeping it all in house", so to speak, and am excited to debut my popular nature and wildlife photography!
As you may have read on this website, my Bookstore on (Search: Kira Seamon or dancerpics), is doing great!!! Thanks for all your views and making it AWESOME!!!