Thursday, April 29, 2010


Hi, everybody! This is to bring you all up-to-date on the AWESOME progress that we have had on preparing for the World Premiere of Kira Seamon Presents: the Tell-Tale Heart Ballet, based on the famous Edgar Allen Poe short story. Rehearsals have been a pleasure to participate in as our Narrator is doing an amazing job bringing the short story to life with her drama. The music is meshing so well with my choreography that, the production has that seamless quality to it where you think all the elements come together so well, that the production is the best that it could be! I am happy that my vision for this short story has been completed and we are ready to perform!! Come see the Tell-Tale Heart at the Boston Center for the Arts! Tickets are 617-933-8600 or (search Tell-Tale Heart)

P.S. Here are some photos taken at the Boston Center for the Arts during my performance week. Some show me at the kiosk outside the Center, some show me at the sandwich board outside the Center, some show pictures used to create the poster, some show me at the piano in my dance costume (I like to accompany my singers on the piano as part of my show).