Monday, July 18, 2011


Ah-Carmen, La Carmencita...The Gypsy with the free spirit.
Arguably one of my best roles (maybe THE best?)
An honor to choreograph/dance such a famous role.
Of course, when you take on such a popular role, you are being compared by the audience (perhaps even subconsciously) to all the Carmen experiences they have ever had...Carmen music/Carmen Opera/Carmen Dance/Carmen Ballet/Carmen Films/Carmen Pop Culture, etc...

They (and I) are silently asking the implied question: What do you have to offer that I haven't seen one hundred thousand times before?
Basically: "Why you" and "Why Carmen"?

Well, I threw my "Carmen" hat into the ring and took it on because I believe I have a strong take on the role (having studied it intensely since I was 16)...trying to keep the essence, style and flair of that famous character and then adding my own qualities and ideas to the choreography.

I performed it in two different formats.
The pas de deux version seen below was shortly after I dislocated my kneecap.
(The pas de deux version was thrilling for me to perform, as I felt I had perfect chemistry with my Don Jose/Toreador!)

I was honored to do a different (all solo) version at various venues and finally at the Boston Center for the Arts when my knee was much stronger. For that solo version, I was described as: "Isadora Duncan in a drawing-room", "impressive", "spectacular", "amazing", "beautiful choreography" and
a "powerful, 1-Woman tour-de-force".

It is always an honor to perform Carmen and I try to do her justice.