Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SEA-MOVES Dance (Act IV, Scene X)

Hello, everybody! Here are some awesome pictures from my concert called COLLECTIONS, at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center.
I also have a new name in 2011 for my personal choreographic style: SEA-MOVES!!
(More info on SEA-MOVES can be found in the blog entitled SEA-MOVES Dance Act I, Scene X).

The ingredients for SEA-MOVES are: technique, creative movement dance, dance-theatre and a few unique and innovative touches pertinent to the work. Inventive use of props and being highly interpretive of the music are the qualities that put the final polish on the work. SEA-MOVES choreographic style is versatile (it can be adapted for all ages and levels) and can include dancers of diverse backgrounds. SEA-MOVES dance performances can range from a solo using music on a cd, to productions including lighting design, set design, live musicians, commissioned scores, singers, actors and dancers in a cast up to 20 in number.

Remember: "If you see some new moves that are cool and smooth, check 'em out-they just might be SEA-MOVES!"