Sunday, March 6, 2011

SEA-MOVES in SEATTLE (Choreographers and Studios)

Fellow Choreographers, Friends, Countrymen!
There were 15 Choreographers at the 2 week Conference.
5 were Project Tier Choreographers.
5 were Emerging Choreographers.
5 were Guest Choreographers. (I was one of these.)
From what I understand, the Project Tier and Emerging Choreographers were the adjudicated winners of Regional Festivals held across the US. (I believe there are 5 Regional Festivals, dividing the US into 5 regions.) The Guest Choreographers, like myself, were selected from a nationwide pool of applicants, possibly trying to also have 1 Guest Choreographer from each of the 5 regions that the other choreographers came from. I was in great company as not only did these choreographers come from the strongest regional dance companies, but there were dancer/choreographers from top ballet companies like Pacific Northwest Ballet and San Francisco Ballet there as well.

We had morning ballet barre and morning choreography lessons. We did a lot of musical training as well. Afternoons saw us do a 2 hour rehearsal each-choreographing the assignment to be shown that night. Showings were held in the evenings, making for a very long and exhausting day! However, this was meant to be a Choreographic Intensive and none of us would have been wanting to be any place else!

We were allowed to film our Showings at night and I've posted a couple of my assignments on Youtube! Check out my "Taking the Fifth" and "Magic Worm" on my Kira Seamon channel on Youtube!