Friday, March 4, 2011

SEA-MOVES in SEATTLE (Thai restaurant )

Everyday at the Choreographic Conference we had to hold a 2 hour rehearsal where we would choreograph on assigned dancers. Sometimes it was 3 girls. Sometimes 4 girls. Once it was 3 boys and a girl! I told them: sometimes it can take 3 to 4 towns to find 3 boys, and to have them all in one room and choreograph on them-that was a treat! I know that one girl (who got to dance with 3 guys at once) loved the dance too!

I was super lucky in that my rehearsal was always scheduled for 2pm. This meant that I had a break between our morning session and the afternoon rehearsal. I decided that I would go exploring and find somewhere to eat lunch daily. I found this AWESOME Thai restaurant and it seemed the perfect place to relax and let my mind choreograph that day's assignment.

The owner came over on the first day and inquired where I am from, etc...I told her that I was there for 2 weeks and we had a VERY demanding schedule and I loved Thai food and wanted to fuel up for the rest of the day. She told me that she has a "special soup" that she can make for me and if I eat it everyday, I wouldn't get sick. She said that eating well is important with the hard work I had and she would make the soup for me.

Feeling adventurous, I acquiesced. It had noodles and a fierce broth and came with brown rice. She and her family (who worked in the restaurant) would always be a source of friendliness and welcomed me warmly each day. I looked forward to lunch a great deal as it meant being seated in a quiet part of the restaurant and given a "special soup" that was made with kindness and friendship. I would choreograph up a storm and trot happily back to the Conference refreshed in mind, body and spirit. And people noticed! My cheerful demeanor and spark of energy were remarked on to me almost daily. "You are always so happy!" (This was one remark I heard often.)
One of the Conference's dancers said to me as he was leaving his rehearsal: "Really tough assignment you choreographers have today! Everyone has told me they are dying, but I'm sure you'll be fine". I told him "It will probably be tough for me, too!" He said "I doubt it-you always handle everything with a smile"!....I'm sure this rest stop at the restaurant with food made with kindness and friendship had a lot to do with how well I could handle the Conference! I actually did feel "on top of my game" the whole time I was there.

I was sad to leave after 2 weeks, because I knew I wouldn't see my favorite Thai restaurant and staff again. The owner told me: "If you go away, we'll be sad! You must come back again."

We decided a picture would remind us both of the happy times, good friendship and health-inducing food that was the Summer of 2009 in Seattle!