Monday, June 13, 2011


One of my BEST-SELLERS!!!!!!!!

AWESOME new book showing the process of finding "THE" photo for the poster. (You can read about this production of mine in the blogs from 2010 entitled "The Tell-Tale Heart".)

What does it take to get a captivating photo for your brand new Poe ballet?
120 different poses-that's what!!! I took over 120 different photos to try to capture the best possible look for the poster design. In this book, you can see the "Number 1" photo, actually used for the poster, and the "Runner-up" photos, all the way down to a hilarious "Blooper" photo!
Also, see the finished poster hanging in various locations in the prestigious Boston Center for the Arts during my performance week.

Hey, a World Premiere of an original Poe Ballet needs the best! If it takes 120 shots to find "The One", so be it. It is typical of me to put "above and beyond" levels of work in to ensure the best possible result.