Tuesday, April 12, 2011


My Special Awards from the judges!!!

"Beautiful Turns" was given to me for turns in the Abracadabra Arabesque! This was especially meaningful to me and ranks as one of the highlights of my dance career! Check out my turns for yourself!

The "Terrific Timing" award was given to me during the World Finals, held in the Virginia Beach Convention Center!!!! It was for my timing in "Memoirs of a Dancer". I scored this dance with Japanese bells and gongs and traditional instruments. It was extraordinarily hard to dance ballet to it! Even 1/2 hour before my dance, I mentioned that I wasn't sure if I would be on the music or not. There was simply no way to predict if you would be consistently able to perform that dance on a day in-day out basis. I had a unique counting system that I invented where I could predict with 95% accuracy when the different bells and gongs would happen. However, it wasn't foolproof, and very occasionally, I would get off time with the music.
Thankfully, that day during World Finals wasn't one of my "off" days-and this award is the result!! Check out my timing for yourself!