Thursday, April 14, 2011

SEA-MOVES in Competition! ("The Abracadabra Arabesque"- Regional Competition)

You can read more about this dance in the side bar notes on my Youtube posting! I performed this dance after I performed "A Beautiful Memory". (You can see photos of that dance also here on my blog). I was very honored when my entrance to Abracadabra Arabesque was greeted with applause! Unfortunately, the applause wasn't captured on the dvd that was put on Youtube. Instead, all one heard was the announcer's voice introducing me.
Anyway, it was a wonderful feeling-it made me think the audience liked "A Beautiful Memory" and was welcoming me back to the stage.
This dance was decribed as "magical" and "mesmerizing" with a great name/great concept!!!

I also won a Special Award from the judges for my "Beautiful Turns"!!!!!!
Check it out on Youtube and see if it casts a magical spell over you!!!