Sunday, April 17, 2011

SEA-MOVES choreographs Die FLEDERMAUS!!

Ah...The Hungarian Countess...I LOVED choreographing and dancing this part!!!
I made her multi-dimensional. Sly, sophisticated, elegant, a gorgeous femme fatale, but also in love with her husband and truly hurt by his infidelity. I made her larger-than-life with hilarious mannerisms. One of the mannerisms I gave her was for her to toss her hair-to great poetic effect! Check out these video stills that catch her tossing her hair!

One of my favorite roles to dance!! Here is some of the performance feedback I received for choreographing and performing this role:
described as "a feast for the senses, so many textures/feelings, each more gorgeous than the last", "fascinating", "one-of-a-kind", an "extraordinary, extraordinary dancer-better now than before her injury-puts on shows/does things that no one else does", "wonderful to sit so close and watch so much talent", a "complete package", "star presence", "wonderful-great" and "such a good performer/dancer".